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The new Safetech Tieman Dock Leveller brochure now available.

Dock Leveller Brochure
Dock Leveller Brochure

Your overview of the industry leading Safetech Tieman Dock Leveller is now available in print form.

The new and improved Dock leveller brochure provides you with all the information you need to know what our Dock Levellers are all about.

Check out images of some of its best features, or use it to get an understanding of how they work, including weight distribution, safety features and operation.

Dock Leveller BrochureDock Leveller Brochure

For a copy of the brochure, or for more information about our Dock Products and other Safetech lifting solutions, check out the rest of our website:

You can also speak to one of our product specialists. Details can be found by filling out our Dock Products Enquiry form, or on our contact page.

AUSTRALIA VERSUS THE WORLD: Whats Your Point of Difference?

Lindsay Wakefield

By Lindsay Wakefield, Safetech GM

Ask most Australians and they will tell you that manufacturing in Australia is dead or dying.

Ford, Toyota, Holden – all gone. Their suppliers – doors shut. Harley Davidson rides no more. We can’t even share a lift with other Australians as our bus manufacturers are closing down (Custom Bus in Sydney).

When I tell people that I am a manufacturer I receive looks akin to those that the poor, last Thylacine must have got as he paced his lonely cage in Tasmania.

Yet for the past 16 months Australian manufacturing output has grown every month. How can this be? Shut down our biggest manufacturing sector and we still grow? Look a little closer and the patterns of success emerge.

Our Australian environment is renowned for its vast diversity of flora and fauna. Despite a harsh and infertile land we are host to more unique species of flowers, plants and animals than almost any country in the world. And without stretching the analogy too much I believe there are parallels between Australian manufacturing and this abundance of species.

To survive in Australia our animals developed unique abilities that enabled them to exist in regions too difficult for other competitors. They had to develop potent points of difference that gave them a competitive advantage. The same applies to Australian manufacturers and evidence suggests that we are doing just that.

Rokeby Farms is a dairy processing company that uses an innovative cold filtration process to produce milk with twice the protein and calcium of regular milk. An added advantage is the marketing cache gained by regional sourcing from farms around the small West Gippsland town of Rokeby. The market loves it and Rokeby Farms is thriving.

Other dairy manufacturers such as a2 and Nudie have also experienced explosive growth by developing unique food technologies.

It is possible to succeed in more traditional manufacturing industries if you understand your customers’ needs and your international competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Analyse these and opportunity beckons.

Look for these points of difference.

Custom needs: Many engineered products require bespoke design to ensure they meet with local requirements or fit into a customer’s store or plant.
Overseas competitors are often unwilling to adapt to Australian companies’ wishes. Find these products and customers and develop a flexible fast-moving local capacity to meet their requests.

Time to market: 10 – 12 weeks on a boat is too long for many customers. Train your team to respond quickly and effectively to customers with short time lines and long international supply lines.

Product innovation: Invest in technology and design original products with unique features and benefits. As long-term protection against a foreign product invasion this is frequently the best weapon. Do it well and export opportunities may appear.

Size: Many engineered products are bulky and expensive to ship. The cost advantage of cheap foreign labour quickly disappears.

Complexity: Complex products usually require significant local support and expertise. The risk of buying from somebody in a different time zone and with poor English language skills can be too great. Become the local expert.

Smart, flexible, willing to take risks: that’s the blueprint for an Australian manufacturer in 2018. Find your point of difference and thrive.
Original article published in Industry Update Magazine 03.02.18.

Safetech Docks at Reckitt Benckiser’s new Oakdale Home.

Safetech Dock outside Reckitt Benckiser
Safetech Dock outside Reckitt Benckiser

Reckitt Benckiser have moved into their new distribution centre at Horsley Park in Oakdale NSW.

An integral part of these new facilities are the 10 new Dock Levellers, S3200 Snap Back Shelters, Aero Tech Fans with Swing Arm Lights, as well as some In Ground Wheel Chocks and SL80 PitBulls with Master Control Panels that have recently been installed in partnership with the highly regarded building company Qanstruct.

Safetech Dock inside Reckitt BenckiserSafetech Dock inside Reckitt Benckiser


These Safetech product solutions provide Reckitt Benckiser with the highest quality, climate controlled loading dock expected of the British multinational consumer goods company.

The centre will facilitate the distribution of Reckitt Benckiser’s products Nationwide, staffed by an estimated 150 employees. The 35,482m2 facility will include a 3,580m2 temperature controlled store, a 7,360m2 dangerous goods store, 800m2 work and re-work areas and 800m2 of office spaces.

For more information about our Dock Products, or other Safetech lifting solutions, check out our products page:

or speak to one of our product specialists. Details can be found on our contact page

Our biggest Freight Mate yet, the 4800 is available now.

Freight Mate 4800
Freight Mate 4800

Introducing the Freight Mate 4800.

The next iteration in the Australian designed Freight Mate Goods Lift series.

Along with optional full height upper landing doors, the 4800mm floor-to-floor reach extends 800mm higher than our previous vertical travel champion.

As with the entire range, the design is flexible and can be used in a wide range of applications including retail, warehousing, apartments, wash down and other harsh environments.

With a weight capacity of 1000kgs, the 4800 retains many of the features of its smaller counterparts.

Features Include:

  • A self-supporting structure that does not require attachment to a dock.
  • Adjustable range from 4000 to 4800.
  • Left-hand and right-hand mounting options for doors, panels and power unit.
  • No Pit required.
  • 2m/min (30mm/s) travel speed.

Get in contact with your local sales representative to find out more. Details can be found on our contact page.
Alternatively, to be contacted by one of our product experts, fill in the Freight Hoist & Lifts enquiry form.

Freight Mate 4800
Freight Mate 4800

Lifting Table helps airline catering company take off!

Alpha Flight Lift Table
Alpha Flight Lift Table


Alpha Flight Lift Table
Cairns, Queensland

Alpha Flight are one of Australia’s largest airline catering companies. Currently operating in 62 airports in 11 countries, with 10 in Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville, Darwin, Cairns and Canberra airports.

As part of Alpha Flights constant expansion, Safetech was commissioned to supply and install another of our 2t capacity Lift Tables for their new Cairns distribution facility.

This is one of many of our tables throughout their facilities in Australia at major airports.

It will be used on high rotation to lift the numerous catering trolleys and supplies up to the trucks behind the interlocked doors.

As always safety is paramount to operation. This model has robust balustrades to allow safe personal travel. As well as high visibility skirting to prevent any accidents from trolleys or people getting underneath.

This proven design has many variations that can fit almost any space, including pit-less hoists and high capacity models.

Dry Dock Water Testing at Safetech, the S-2200

Before Simulation - Water SealDry Dock Testing
Safetech Head Office
Moe, Victoria

On Monday, the team conducted some onsite weather testing.

With the aid of a hose and our friends over at Willaton Transport, who kindly provided us with one of their trucks to use as a test subject. We used our onsite simulation dock to mount the Serco S-2200 with Dry Dock by Safetech and test its ability to disperse water away from the rear opening.

Products Engineer Hanno Schloetel drew the short straw and was selected to be in the firing line to capture the results.

Various heights were measured to simulate different truck heights and seal pressures. The quantity of water coming from the fire hose was clearly excessive. Despite this, all scenarios were a resounding success.

Watch the below product test video to see the results for yourself.

We are back! Primed and ready for an amazing 2018

Safetech Team

The production and solutions teams are back from their summer festivities ready to sink our teethes into a productive and rewarding 2018.

We hope you enjoyed the Christmas and new year’s periods. We look forward to working with everyone again.

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