Controls & Operations

Vehicle Lifts – Controls & Operation

Easy controls and intuitive signalling for simple operations


Simple intuitive and professionally finished controls sets a Safetech lift apart from the competition. We buck the trend of including industrial style hoist controls with dead-man switches, in favour of personnel lift inspired, stainless steel, no-touch or one-touch control schemes.


In combination with bright clear traffic signalling, designed in collaboration with Australian traffic engineering firms, our lifts are by far the most simple lifts to use. Check out the videos and images below to see more.

Control Schemes

Residential System

Controller: Safetech Designed Control Access

Controls can be set up to have the hoist waiting at ground level. So as you approach home simply press the up control and drive in like any other garage.

Close the door behind you and proceed to your basement or mezzanine level without the need to reach outside of your vehicle.

Options are available to provide greater flexibility and integration with existing building management.

Location Vehicle Access Pedestrian Access
Ground Level 2 button Elsema remote. No controls as standard
Onboard Keypad & RFID Reader
Other Levels Call Button on Panel
4 button Elsema Remote - To separate door and lift with raise/lower control.
Ground Level Keypad & RFID - For pedestrian access

Multi-User System

Controller: Industry Standard Access Controller

Drivers simply press their destination level, wait for the door to open and proceed onto the platform.

The onboard controls will illuminate to confirm its destination and the occupied lift will automatically proceed to the level and open the level door.

Safetech Multi-User controls are web-based and provide building administrators with control over access, default levels and help improve cycle times.

Location Vehicle Access Pedestrian Access
Ground Level RFID 4 button remote Keypad & RFID Reader
Onboard No input required. Destination is pre-programmed. Keypad & RFID Reader
Other Levels Auto return to ground. Call Button on Panel
RFID Tags/Fobs For pedestrian travel. Enables use of onboard controls

Safetech Park Assist

Visual feedback about your parking position provides confidence to users who are concerned about their precious vehicle.

2 green lights indicate correct positioning allowing the lift to move.

The lift can not move on yellow or red lights.

This is also helpful to highlight obstructions and to see if any sensors need to be cleaned.


Traffic Management

Bright external lighting that provides visual feedback about lift status and when it's ok for users to begin using the lift. Speak to one of our product specialists to see which solution will suit your application.

Red-Green Traffic Light
Dual-Colour Level Lights
Call Confirmation Light

Pedestrian Travel

Cycling is becoming more popular in high-density living. Safetech's access system provides pedestrians with foot access for themselves, cargo and their bikes.

Onboard controls are used with keyfob or password unlocking available for secure traversal.