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Dock Lift – No Pit Required

March 24, 2017

Feature Product

Industry:  Retail Supermarket
Product:  Low Profile Dock Lift

Safetech’s new low profile Dock Lift has just been installed at a leading Australian grocery retailers site in Sydney. This store is the first in Sydney to use this Dock lift and another, larger Lo Hoist dock lift will be installed in Melbourne in December.

This new Dock lift is part of a range of Dock Lifts based on safetech’s Lo Hoist which eliminates the need for a pit. For this customer they required a 2 pallet dock lift to be installed on a slab floor with no capacity for a pit. Safetech were the only company able to provide a solution. A hand pallet truck is all that is needed to load the Lo Hoist Dock Lift.

The Lo Hoist Dock Lift range is available in sizes accommodating 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 pallets.

Dock Lift with no Pit Dock Lift with no Pit