Reduce Your Unload Costs by 50%

Ergonomic Destuff-it helps in productivity and profitability

With proven productivity gains that not only reduce unload time, but also reduce or eliminate demurrage charges, standby charges and drop trailer charges, the Destuff-it can also reduce the number of doors needed for the unload operation with more trailer turns per door. The robust construction of each Destuff-it make it an ideal unloader for multi-shift operations.

Typically, companies who start using a Destuff-it machine over their usual step-stool method see a reduction in unload times of 50%. The total man hours required to unload a trailer are reduced by a similar amount. While the case rate will vary due to box size & weight, it is typically in excess of 800 boxes per hour. In addition, the unit can be connected to an auto palletizer for even higher case rates and further labor reductions.


Destuff-it is a product sold and manufactured by Gorbel USA, Safetech's Partner in Workstation Cranes and Jibs. For all product sales or technical enquiries send them an email.


  • The Destuff-it is designed for unloading operations and contains a conveyor belt that moves in one direction.
  • Machine can be driven on battery power.
  • Integrated DC drive/steering system capable of negotiating dock leveler slopes and transition plates.
  • Easy to reach controls to travel forward, reverse, left and right.
  • Operator Platform capacity of 550 lbs, which supports a maximum of 2 operators, enables workers to get closer to the top of the box wall without the use of step stools. This results in greater cube utilization.
  • With Pivoting Conveyor belt capacity of 165 lbs, there are many types of product that can be moved.
  • Safety features included: E-Stop buttons, Hand-present sensor on rotary handle, Pressure sensing safety mats, Operator pressure sensing mat, Front sensing edge, and 2 LED light strips on the mast.
  • Add-on Safety features include: Front/rear area scanners, Extended Operator platform, Safety guard rails.
  • Additional add-on features include: Network integration, Dual-fan kit, Side guides, Cup holder on mast.
  • Solid, welded construction powder coated in a safety yellow.
  • Our Engineers are available to discuss your application and recommend the best solutions.

Conveyor Options

  • Cascading Belt Conveyor – The Destuff-it can be integrated with this robust, aluminium cascading belt conveyor developed for everyday use. The cascading table design allows for the conveyor to be contracted and stored in an area of less than 27 feet when not in use.
  • Powered Flexible Roller Conveyor – Powered flexible roller conveyor is the most common type of conveyor to integrate with the Destuff-it™. The Destuff-it™ is able to connect with various brands on the market today. A mechanical coupler connects the Destuff-it™ to the flexible conveyor and a quick-connect electrical coupler provides power and controls interface.
  • Telescopic Belt Conveyor – When the circumstance requires, the Destuff-it™ is capable of integrating with telescopic belt conveyors. This type of conveyor is preferred for tyre handling and bag handling.