Safetech Product Warranty

  • Safetech Products are designed, manufactured and tested to conform to the relevant Australian or International Standards and legislative requirements.
  • This agreement is between you as original owner of the product and Safetech as manufacturer and is not transferable.
  • Your Safetech product is warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the specified periods subject to the following conditions

Product and Warranty Period

  • Lifts and hoists designed and operated to Australian Standards design life /  10 Years
  • Dock Levellers - Structural  /  10 years
  • Australian manufactured Scissor Tables, Hoists, Lifts & Ramps - Structural  /  24 Months
  • Manual Gorbel Crane Systems  /  5 Years
  • Gorbel Motorized Work Station Cranes  /  2 Years
  • Gorbel GForce® and Easy Arm™  /  1 Year
  • Palift Frame  /  3 Years
  • Palift Springs  /  Lifetime
  • Steel faced composite dock bumper  /  3 Years
  • Composite dock bumper  /  12 months
  • Dock accessories  /  12 Months
  • All other Safetech manufactured equipment /  12 Months
  • Reconditioned Equipment  /  3 Months

1. Warranty applies from:

1.1    The date of Practical Completion of the Head contract if the equipment has not been put into use prior to this date.
1.2    The shipping date to the purchaser of the Product (or their agent) where installation is by others.
1.3    Such other date as Safetech may agree to or specify in writing

2. Conditions

Warranty is valid provided Product is:
2.1    Installed commissioned, used and maintained in accordance with Manufacturer’s requirements.
2.2    Not modified or altered
2.3    Not operated while defective
2.4    Safetech has absolute discretion to determine whether Product has been supplied to, performs to, complies with or has been maintained to specification

3. Warranty does not cover:

3.1    Damage from misuse, abuse or operations in excess of design parameters including load capacities and cycles.
3.2    Damage to other equipment.
3.3    Normal wear & tear, corrosion, ageing.
3.4    Transportation costs to and from the Manufacturer (Limited to moving equipment off site)
3.5    Any costs or lost profit associated with the Product being out of order.
3.6    Inability to use the product
3.7    Using product for an unintended or unauthorised application.

4. Limitation of Liability

4.1    Safetech makes no other express or implied warranty.
4.2    Safetech and Owner agree that any claim made by Owner that is inconsistent with warranty remedies including claims for consequential damages are expressly excluded. Safetech shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or for punitive or exemplary damages or for any loss of profit, loss of revenue, or loss of opportunity.
4.3    Safetech will not be liable for loss, injury or damage to persons or property, nor for damages resulting from defective operation of any materials or equipment.
4.4    Components and accessories not manufactured by Safetech are excluded from this warranty as their respective manufacturers warrant them separately.
4.5    Safetech agents or distributors may have made oral statements about the product and equipment described. Such statements do not constitute warranties, and Owner acknowledges that it did not rely on and agrees not to rely on such statements.

Download the Safetech Product Warranty as pdf.