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World’s Best Jib Crane System
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Incredibly smooth and efficient slewing Jib Cranes
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World’s Best Jib Crane System
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Incredibly smooth and efficient slewing Jib Cranes
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Gorbel Jib Cranes

Boost productivity, lift with precision, move with ease

Gorbel enclosed track Jib Cranes provide a cost-effective, easy to use, overhead lifting solution. Delivering excellent circular crane coverage suited to smaller areas, we offer a choice of Free Standing or Wall Mounted models with a range of capacities and spans.

Fast, precise and safe, Gorbel Jib Cranes are perfect to suspend vacuum lifters, air and tool balancers and chain hoists. Special finishes are available for outdoors, wash down, food production or other demanding environments. Where civil work is not possible we can provide Free Standing models which can be bolted directly to your existing floor without the need for special foundations. All Jibs are easy to install and simple to service and maintain. Safetech can also supply a suitable hoist, balancer or vacuum lifter to suit your needs.


  • Reach from 1.2 to 4.8 metres.
  • Working Load Limits from 50 to 500 kilograms.
  • Capacities which are matched to common powered and manual hoist capacities, vacuum lifters and balancers.
  • Free Standing models provide 360° slewing range. Foundationless models available where existing footings are not sufficient.
  • Optional infinitely adjustable slew range limiters available for all Free-Standing Jib models.
  • Wall Mounted models provide up to 200° slewing range. Supplied ready for installation with bracket assemblies.
  • Our cold rolled, high strength enclosed track keeps rolling surfaces clean, ensuring smooth and efficient movement.
  • Important engineering data available upon request.
  • All Jib Cranes are compliant with AS1418.


  • Food manufacturers, raw material handling, processing plants
  • Finished goods packaging, palletising, despatch zones
  • Machine shops, fabrication workshops, assembly areas
  • Combine with vacuum systems to lift glass, boards, cartons, bags, sacks and drums
  • Hazardous environments, mining, water and other utilities
  • Perfect for regular maintenance, construction and repairs

If you need a Safetech have a solution