LoadHog®Dock Bridge

The Simple and Flexible Solution

The LoadHog is a modular dock bridge designed to span the gap between the warehouse and the trailer.
It possesses the versatility of a dock leveler without the need or expense of a concrete pit.

Product Highlights

• Easy installation - No Concrete Work Required
• Superior Environmental Control
• Superior Sanitary and Rodent Control
• Improves Loss Prevention
• Superior Cost of Ownership


Activation Sequence

• Lowering the Platform

Once the trailer is positioned and the dock door is raised, the dock worker simply steps on the release pedal, gently pushes the deck forward and LoadHog descends slowly into the trailer until the lip is resting on the trailer bed.

• During Operation

When the dock bridge is lowered to the operating range, a security latch engages the spring counterbalance mechanism to ensure that the bridge remains downward biased. LoadHog is now ready for loading or unloading.

• Storing the Dock

Once loading or unloading is complete, the dock worker pivots the operating handle and raises the deck to its stored and locked position. LoadHog only requires approximately 17kgs of lifting force to store.