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Heavy Commercial Vehicle Lifts


Heavy Commercial Vehicle Lifts

Safetech Heavy Commercial Vehicle Hoists – Doing the Heavy Lifting

Lifting trucks is not child’s play. 30 tonne vehicles leave no margin for error and reliability and performance must be designed in from the beginning. Safetech know because we have built more heavy capacity vehicle lifts than any other company in Australia. At Emporium in Melbourne CBD our two truck lifts carry all freight in and out of the centre. No lifts = no shopping centre.

A Safetech heavy commercial hoist can be custom designed to fit perfectly into your building design. Safetech engineers will work with your architect to create a hoist tailored to your exact specifications and site details. We understand traffic management and can provide exact cycle times and expert advice on how to increase traffic flow.

And our experience as Australia’s largest manufacturer of complex lifting solutions ensures that you can be confident that your hoist will be reliable, conform to Australian regulations and be backed by an Australian wide support network.


  • Travel up to 14,000 mm
  • To suit heavy rigid and articulating vehicles
  • All components accessible and serviceable
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Automatic overload detection


  • Eliminate truck access ramps
  • Increase rental space
  • Office buildings
  • Garbage truck transport
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