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Private and Residential Vehicle Lifts


Private and Residential Vehicle Lifts

Safetech Car Lifts – Designed to perform

Your car is part of your life. If space is at a premium then a Safetech car hoist allows you to fit more into less. Our hoists securely transport your cars down into a basement garage safe from the street and prying eyes.

Easy to use, robust and durable a Safetech car hoist can be custom designed to fit perfectly into your building renovation plans. Safetech engineers will work with your architect to create a hoist tailored to your exact specifications and site details.

Our experience as Australia’s largest manufacturer of lifting solutions ensures that you can be confident that your hoist will be reliable, conform to Australian regulations and is be backed by an Australian wide support network.


  • Customised to your specific needs
  • Finishes to match your architectural design
  • Operates Remotely much like your garage door
  • Security and home automation integration
  • Ventilation systems


  • Private residences
  • Basement and 2nd level
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