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Australian Vehicle Lifts

Quality that won’t let you down.

City Living places you at the centre of a desirable, exciting cosmopolitan lifestyle. Australia’s cities combine popular, well-established, inner-city precincts with an envious lifestyle, convenient in almost every way – except parking.

Safetech is Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of vehicle lifting equipment for all applications – apartments, private houses, showrooms, shopping centres and industrial. From single vehicle access to 30-tonne truck lifts Safetech is the logical choice for customers who demand reliable solutions for their parking access problems. We don’t rely on distant European or Asian suppliers with limited product offerings and long supply and support chains. Australian engineers and sales specialists work with you to design an exact solution for you and your customer's projects.

Our extensive range of models can be combined with bespoke design to create a Vehicle lift that will provide years and years of reliable service. And just in case you do need support our national network of service technicians are available 24/7.

No other local company matches our resources or experience.


Vehicle Lift Selection Guide

  • Automate single rail
  • Heavy capacity double rail
  • Standard scissor lift
  • Heavy capacity & double scissor lifts
  • Trafficable roof
  • Standard colours and finishes
  • Floor & wall treatments
  • Ceiling configurations
  • Laminex panelling texture showcase
  • Fire rated options
  • Control Schemes
    • Private Residential
    • Multi-User
  • Operation sequence overview
  • Signalling
  • Standard heights, capacities & speeds
  • Pit & Shaft requirements
  • Remote power unit design
  • Info for replacing existing lifts
  • Side-by-side lifts for throughput & redundancy