High Speed Roller Door – DuraFast

High Speed Roller Door – DuraFast

Industrial and Commercial Door Solutions from Safetech

Trust the Doors that Safetech Trusts

For many years Safetech has made industrial doors for use in our own lifts and hoists.
That experience has taught us how important it is to have a door that is reliable and durable.

Our solution?

We designed and built our own doors.

Our engineering team came together and made a breakthrough in their design that far exceeded even our own expectations.

The Result

  • 100% duty cycles
  • Increased durability
  • Incredible cycle count
  • 2x faster speeds.
  • Eliminated mounting profile
  • Affordable

Experience the difference!

Our new door range is available to everyone and not exclusive to our products.
Now you can use the same doors in your existing factory or warehouse or garage.

Demonstrations Available in Melbourne

Come down to our Mt Waverley showroom to experience the difference for yourself.
We guarantee you will be impressed!

Bookings available anytime: 1800 674 566

Choosing the Right Roller Door

The DuraFast and DuraMax roller doors fit a wide range of openings. The DuraFast has become mandatory in high cycle retail outlets. Whilst our DuraMax range has become popular within loading dock environments.

Use the table below to see what will suit your application.

(mm) <1800 1800 - 3000 3000 - 3600 3600 - 4000 4000 - 4500 4500 - 5000
2100 Call to discuss DuraFast
3300 DuraMax
4500 Call to discuss
Recessed Roller Door DuraFast

Nested Roller Door

An unprecedented opportunity in design.

The unique design of our DuraFast roller door enables building designers to lower the roof height without compromising the available door opening height.
Our door enclosure is strong enough to be driven over on the upper levels by cars and other heavy cargo.