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Gorbel®  – The World’s best Enclosed Track Workstation Cranes and Monorails

Safetech’s Gorbel® Workstation Ceiling Mounted Bridge Cranes and Freestanding Bridge Cranes are a proven way to improve productivity, increase quality, and provide a safer work environment. Both the runway and bridge component of Gorbel Workstation Bridge Crane Systems utilize enclosed track that is high in strength and low in weight.

Spanning up to 10m and lift capacities between 125 and 2000 kgs, our ergonomic crane products guarantee increased productivity. Regardless of your Materials Handling needs, Gorbel workstation cranes are sure to handle any project. Call us, we can design a solution to best fit your application.


  • Enclosed track with easy movement and direct/accurate load movement
  • Reduced support structures so work areas are kept clear of obstruction
  • Multiple track profiles (125kg to 2000kg) and spanning capabilities, allowing flexible crane configuration
  • 3 to 1 superior ease of movement compared to I-Beam cranes
  • Reduced risk of job-related injury as well as significant increases in work productivity


  • Assembly Lines
  • Service Workshops
  • Machine Shops
  • Glass Manufacturing
  • Mining Workshops

The Anatomy of a Workstation Crane

Bridge cranes cover rectangular work areas, while monorail systems can be used to move loads along a linear path, cover various work area shapes, or to link work areas together.

Bridge Crane Anatomy


The bridge is the only part of the work station crane in motion. It supports the lifting device, and facilitates the movement of your load along the X and Y axis. Bridges can be as long as 10m, and are available in steel or aluminium.


The bridge's end trucks ride within the track of the crane's runways, which determine the overall coverage area of your work station crane. The track used for runways can be spliced together, to span any distance.

Column (free standing only):

The columns are the "legs" of a freestanding work station crane, and are bolted to the floor while supporting the columns and runways. The distance between columns is determined by your crane's overall capacity and the selected track type.

Header (free standing only):

The work station crane system’s header is made of back-to-back “C” channel, which allows for easy connections to the runway hanger support hardware.

Track Profiles

Plain Steel Track

For use where frequent support points are available or where maximum headroom is required.
The standard cold-rolled steel track profile offers a low-weight to high-strength ratio.

  • Maximum Support Distance - 1.6m
  • Lifting Capacity - 125 - 2000 kgs

Trussed Track Profile

Permits longer spans when frequent support points are not available, giving you more flexibility in crane layout.
The trussed series uses the plain steel track profile but is enhanced for longer spans via a built-up truss design.
This design increases the span, which decreases the need for frequent hangers.
Long spans translate into fewer runway support points, longer bridge lengths, and free-standing capabilities.

Aluminium Bridges

(Available to order)

For use where lower bridge weight and easier movement are required.
The patented shape of Gorbel’s aluminum enclosed track provides for tow weight, unparalleled spanning capability and effortless movement.
Weighing as much as 44% less than trussed steel track results in easier movement, which makes for safe, productive, ergonomic work cells.
Runway spans up to 6m and bridge lengths up to 10m meet a wide range of applications.