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Safety and Productivity by Design

Workstation Bridge Cranes

Workstation Bridge Cranes

Gorbel®  – The World’s best Enclosed Track Workstation Cranes and Monorails

Safetech’s Gorbel® Workstation Ceiling Mounted Bridge Cranes and Freestanding Bridge Cranes are a proven way to improve productivity, increase quality, and provide a safer work environment. Both the runway and bridge component of Gorbel Workstation Bridge Crane Systems utilize enclosed track that is high in strength and low in weight.

Spanning up to 10m and lift capacities between 125 and 2000 kgs, our ergonomic crane products guarantee increased productivity. Regardless of your Materials Handling needs, Gorbel workstation cranes are sure to handle any project. Call us, we can design a solution to best fit your application.


  • Enclosed track with easy movement and direct/accurate load movement
  • Reduced support structures so work areas are kept clear of obstruction
  • Multiple track profiles (125kg to 2000kg) and spanning capabilities, allowing flexible crane configuration
  • 3 to 1 superior ease of movement compared to I-Beam cranes
  • Reduced risk of job-related injury as well as significant increases in work productivity


  • Assembly Lines
  • Service Workshops
  • Machine Shops
  • Glass Manufacturing
  • Mining Workshops