Dock Accessories

Safetech dock accessories, critical to a safe and efficient dock design.

Safetech dock accessories are as important to a well-designed dock solution as the dock levelling device itself. Our range of dock accessories includes:

Guidance and Protection

  • Safetech Wheel Guides
  • Trailer Guidance Aids
  • Bollards and Barriers
  • Dock Bumpers

Lighting and Ventilation

Fall from Heights

  • Dock Guard Barrier Safety Gate – Powered
  • Dock Guard Barrier Safety Gates – Manual

Dock Communication

  • Digital MCU
  • Safetech Safety, Operational and Procedural Signage
  • Master Control Units
  • Safetech LED communication light packages


  • The only complete set of dock accessories available
  • Safetech Gates and fall from heights design is preferred by the market
  • Expert advice to assist your dock design and understand the options


  • Retail Loading Docks
  • Food Manufacturers
  • Distribution Centres
  • Bulky Goods Logistics