Safetech Palift
Safetech Palift
Safetech Palift
Scania EWP

Heavy-duty mining maintenance EWP

Scania EWP
UndergroundEWP 1

Vibe Feeder change out scissor

UndergroundEWP 1
UndergroundEWP 1

Underground mining maintenance scissor

UndergroundEWP 1
Heavy Scissor

8T double scissor with motorised drive system

Heavy Scissor
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Mining Industry

Products designed for mining by our expert team

Safetech has been designing and manufacturing in Australia for 35 years. Our talented team of engineers and sales professionals deliver a range of solutions, from products which overcome manual handling challenges at the warehouse level, to heavy-duty, truck-mounted scissor lifts that make field maintenance of open cut mining equipment possible. Our products make dangerous and time-consuming tasks safer and more efficient. We drive innovation and productivity with a mix of experience, expertise and collaboration with you, our customers.


How can we help?

Our products are used in a range of mining applications and environments. We develop solutions to suit you.

Plant Maintenance

Improve uptime by removing the need to send components and machinery offsite.

Workshop – Fabrication, Repairs and Assembly

Onsite manufacturing for the constant improvement and development of your plant.

Stores & Warehousing

From core sample handling to the movement of goods. We have something that can keep you moving.

Our solutions save time and money.

Designed to your application saving time and resources in the field.

Improve Workplace Health and Safety

Application built, safer practices, less manual handling.

Built Tough for Miners.

Built Safetech tough, built to last, the No 1. heavy industrial lifting equipment.


With a team of experienced in-house Engineers, we can work closely with you to develop custom solutions that you cannot find anywhere else.