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Remove materials handling hazards with high-quality integrated equipment.

For more than 30 years Safetech has been lifting Australian business with our award-winning range of lifting products and solutions. From large 30-tonne truck lifts in shopping centres to custom car lifts that complement your home and your lifestyle. We make them all.

Our Materials handling and loading dock solutions are the perfect companions to a streamlined warehousing facility.

Whether you're looking at improving the movement of inbound/outbound goods or simply trying to organise your multi-level facility, we have a solution for you.

How can we help?

Our products are used in multiple stages and locations within your warehouse.

Pallet Handling

If you are levelling, rotating, inverting, tilting, raising or dispensing pallets we have a solution for you.

Movement of Goods

In-line conveyor systems and multi-level sites will benefit from one of our Scissor Lifts or Fright Hoist solutions.

Inbound & Outbound Goods

Our complete suite of dock products makes the movement and handling of goods a breeze. Some products can also help to keep the breeze out!

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