Heavy Rigid Mining EWP
Heavy Rigid Mining EWP
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Heavy Rigid Mining EWP

When Size Matters

Machines are made to order, we do not have models for hire.

Safetech’s latest high-tech EWP combines the skills of Safetech’s lifting solutions team with Scania’s specialised vehicles division to produce a market leading EWP with unparalleled performance and features.

Used to maintain excavators on mining sites, its capable of lifting 1500 kgs of equipment and workers.

Self-levelling stabilisers for easy setup on the uneven terrain typically encountered on many mining sites.

The platform can traverse 3m from the rear of the truck at any elevation. This improves access and reduces the need to tightly position the truck next to the excavator.

Integrated fold out stairs provide easy safe access to the 7.5m platform that can be side loaded by forklift.

Custom designed to handle harsh mining environments

These features are combined with remote diagnostics to ensure maximum efficiency with minimum downtime.

Traversing Platform

This feature enables the customer to efficiently bridge the gap between platform and equipment without lowering and
In this instance, the client receives the benefits of both the larger working platform and capacity of a scissor lift, with the reach and precision of a boom arm.

The workable platform space (excluding the stair landing) is 7.5m long and 2.4m wide.

Providing ample space to load materials with room to spare for workers to maneuver and carry out their tasks without leaving equipment back at ground level.

Components installed include:

• Air hose for easy tool connection
• Mobile control station
• Work lights
• Tie down and anchor points

When compressed, access to the platform is achieved by the tailor made electric powered retractable stairs.

The lower half of the stairs retract to a vertical position seamlessly and silently to sit within the footprint of the vehicle.

Dedicated controls on the base unit close to the stairs ensures a safe and calculated decent.

The EWP incorporates 4 chassis mounted stabilisers maintaining a compact footprint.

The final EWP design prevented the need for outboard extending outriggers.

The stabilisers are self levelling with the option of manual operation.

The user gains valuable real-time monitoring and operation information through the smart management system.

From the operations screen at either the base station or platform controls, important information such as stabiliser pressures, truck angle, platform status and other critical reports can be seen.

This system can be remotely accessed with an internet connection for diagnostic and analytical purposes.

With every application, Safetech considers the user operation as much as its core functionality. This EWP is no different.
With a custom intuitive control system that can be used with minimal training, both the base station and platform controls provide a trustworthy hub for safe and efficient operation.
Manual operation from the override panels allows full control in every situation

The Scania P380 XT was chosen as the truck to carry the EWP.

The XT range provides features that help it endure the harsh Australian conditions in which it will operate, including:

• High air intake,
• Headlamp protection,
• Upgraded front bumper
• Durable power-train.