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Safety and Productivity by Design

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

Designed and manufactured to suit a range of applications.

The Safetech team have delivered a range of standard and custom platforms, including:

  • Mining – above and below ground
  • Tunnel Maintenance for road and rail
  • Glass replacement on trains and buses
  • Building maintenance
  • Re-fuelling

All our platforms are AS1418.10 compliant. Designed from the ground up, using our proven and tested knowledge in scissor lift design. A strong durable lift table, engineered to withstand the stresses of shifting loads as workers move across the platform.


To improve the safety, flexibility and ease of use. A range of additional extras can be fitted. including:

  • Traversing platforms
  • Platform extensions
  • Heavy duty handrails and gates
  • Control integration with existing vehicle components
  • Outrigger levelling
  • 2 pack polyurethane paint, stainless pins and rollers, as well as IP rated circuitry for harsh or outdoor environments


Trolley Scissors

Trolley or rail mounted scissors provide the versatility of re-positioning, while providing users with a controlled and defined area of movement.
These units have proven popular in mining environments that have robust and restrictive safety protocols in place.
Bi-directional bogies available, as well as custom platform sizes and configurations.

Commercial Vehicle Mounted Platforms

Where accessibility or space is restricted, a vehicle mounted elevated work platform can prove t be a great asset to many operations. Safetech can mount a custom platform to most tray bodied vehicles. From 4WDs to light trucks.

Heavy Duty Mining Vehicle Platforms

final image samples pending client approval