G Force Productivity Boost

March 24, 2017

Case Study

Industry:  Metal Finishing
Product:  Gorbel G Force


A metal finishing company was growing, and had increased demand throughout their facility. In the heat treat area, workers unloading the treated metal simply could not move parts fast enough to keep up with demand without compromising safety or material damage.


  • Fast moving parts that workers could not keep up with
  • Safety issues and damaged parts from workers trying to keep up with the pace
  • Frequent manual lifting 60 70 kg of parts


The solution came in the form of Work Station Crane with multiple 250 kg. bridges and 75 kg. G-Force iQ.

With lifting speeds as fast as 60 m per minute the operators are able to quickly and smoothly lift and unload the hardened steel parts. Using a tool that the end user crafted, they are able to slide a spindle through the bunch of 12 gears and hook onto both ends of the spindle to lift. To unload, the set the parts down an pull out the spindle.

“It’s great, I think every factory and warehouse should have one,” said one operator. “It’s so easy.”
“The whole crane moves like an extension of my arm,” said another. “It’s as smooth as a baby’s bottom.”

While the workers were easily won over with the performance of the G-Force, the company’s management has been thrilled that both objectives of worker safety and productivity have been achieved. Productivity has tripled since implementing the new process.


Gorbel G Force iQGorbel G Force iQ