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Freight Mate


Freight Mate

The Goods Hoist solution to movement over one level in a compact modular design

Imagine a goods hoist design which has minimal impact on your building…

One which doesn’t need to be mounted in a pit but still allows goods to be loaded or transferred at ground level.  Then imagine a design which has no impact on your structure – no bolting, no welding or engineering to add our hoist to your building.

The benefits of our design are huge!

Consider the cost savings when you don’t have to dig a hole on site for pit mounting.  What if cutting your existing concrete slab is the only way to pit mount? What if neither of these options is possible?

The Safetech Goods Hoist Compact provides up to 1500kg of capacity and up to 4800mm of lift, a modular installation design for more difficult installation access, and simple operator controls.


  • Free Standing structure.  Minimal impact on your building
  • Pitless Design.  No digging or cutting of concrete on-site
  • Extremely low roll on height ensures pallet truck loading is safe and easy
  • Single Day Installation


The design is flexible and can be used in a wide range of applications including retail, warehousing, apartments, hospitality and other harsh workshop environments.

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