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Private and Residential Vehicle Lifts

Private & Residential Vehicle Lifts Safetech Car Lifts – Designed to perform Your car is part of your life. If space is at a premium then a Safetech car hoist allows you to fit more into less. Our hoists securely transport your cars down into a basement garage safe from…

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Multi User Apartment Vehicle Lifts

Multi User Vehicle Lifts Multiple level apartment building carpark lifts maximise your lettable car parking space As inner city residential space becomes more tightly packed, the same space pressures are applied to car parking spaces. Maximising the potential of your apartment development requires access to multiple parking levels without sacrificing…

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Heavy Commercial Vehicle Lifts

Heavy Commercial Vehicle Lifts Doing the Heavy Lifting Lifting trucks is not child’s play. 30 tonne vehicles leave no margin for error and reliability and performance must be designed in from the beginning. Safetech know because we have built more heavy capacity vehicle lifts than any other company in Australia.…

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Vehicle Lifts – Configurations

Vehicle Lifts – Design Back to Vehicle Lifts Page Download Vehicle lifts Brochure A lift for every space Safetech manufactures a range of lifting mechanisms for your vertical travel needs. They provide users with a lift designed to match your required travel height, available footprint, and the number of floors…

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Vehicle Lifts – Controls & Operation

Vehicle Lifts – Controls & Operation Easy controls and intuitive signalling for simple operations Controls Simple intuitive and professionally finished controls sets a Safetech lift apart from the competition. We buck the trend of including industrial style hoist controls with dead-man switches, in favour of personnel lift inspired, stainless steel,…

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Vehicle Lifts – Design Resources

Design Resources Get the right information to make an educated decision. We manufacture in Australia and offer capacities which range from 1 to 30 tonnes. So we have all the answers to your most common questions about designing for your vehicle lifts. Get in touch on 1800 674 566 or…

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