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Freight Hoists & Lifts
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Freight Hoists
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Freight Hoists & Lifts
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Retail Freight Hoists
video - Freight Hoist - bunnings nsw
Freight Hoists
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Freight Hoists & Lifts

Safetech design, manufacture and install Australian made goods hoists, goods lifts, freight hoists and attended freight lifts for transporting goods and personnel.

Our premium lifts and hoists provide an efficient, cost-effective and safe method of transporting goods between floors, making us the first choice for major retailers, self-storage facilities, mining and manufacturing companies.

Freight Hoists and lifts are different from passenger lifts in not only how they are constructed, but also how they handle heavy undistributed loads. Extensive testing and design refinements have ensured that our hoists remain in operation longer than the competition.

Our expertise in this field has enabled us to design and manufacture a compact, goods only pit less hoist - the Safetech Freight Mate. Which performs to the level expected from any Safetech built hoist but with an easier installation and at a lower price.

Get in touch on 1800 674 566 or send an enquiry to discuss how we can assist.


  • Travel up to 14,000mm
  • Up to 4 levels
  • Capacity to 10 tonnes
  • Freestanding or fitted into an existing shaft
  • Comply with Australian Design Standards
  • Goods only, Personnel plus goods (attended), Personnel DDA features
  • Available with multiple door configurations


  • Warehouses
  • Self-Storage
  • Distribution Centres
  • Factories
  • Car Dealerships
  • Mezzanine floors
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Free-standing configuration

Booth Lining Options