Gorbel Tether Track

The patented fall from heights protection solution. Designed and built under license in Australia by Safetech.

Safetech is dedicated to improving safety and productivity in every industrial environment. Our locally engineered systems can be tailored to your specific industrial application—whether it’s indoors or out, stationary or at multiple locations. Safetech uses proven concepts to develop unique solutions for protecting workers at heights.
By matching the right system to your exact job requirements, we offer superior safety while keeping productivity at essential levels. Whether the job requires protection throughout the day as part of production, cleaning, or painting activities, or just for sporadic activities, Gorbel offers a full line of fall arrest solutions that you and your workers will embrace.

  • Dual bypassing tracks allows workers to safely pass each other without disconnecting 
  • Outdoor coatings available for maximum protection in outdoor environments-also includes corrosion-resistant hardware 
  • Systems designed for wind, snow, and ice loads
  • Integral trolley easily moves on enclosed track to keep fall arrest system in a vertical plane 
  • Designed for workers up to 150kgs. Maximum Arresting Force (MAF) energy-absorbing lanyards, properly rated full-body harness and connecting device 
  • Goal post design, comprised of two columns and a header, also readily available
  • Enclosed track / easy movement and long life
  • Rigid runways / superior load positioning – no movement or “crab-walking” of the bridge
  • Ease of Installation/install on any standard 6" concrete floor
  • Smooth-rolling surface / Easier movement of bridge and trolleys
  • Multiple track profiles and spanning capabilities/Adaptable, flexible, and cost-competitive
  • Special finishes available based on application requirements
  • Recover Trolley

Rigid Rail vs Wire Systems

Tether Track Rigid Rail Fall Arrest Systems mitigate the hazards of dynamic sag of wire rope systems by providing shorter free-fall distances, reduced risk of secondary fall injuries, such as swinging into obstacles, and no negative impact on a second worker in the event of a fall.

Track Profiles

Plain Track

Plain enclosed steel track provides smooth motion with the benefit of offering the most headroom of any track style.





Trussed Track

Single trussed track allows for the longest possible spans between supports, reducing hardware and installation costs.





Dual Trussed Track

The dual-track enables one worker to pass by another on a monorail system without unsafely disconnecting.

Safetech Tether Track Brochure

Gorbel have provided comprehensive information on the features and benefits of the Tether track system in this brochure.

Safetech manufactures each system to a Metric equivalent. For specific design specifications, please call us on 1800 674 566