Our Heritage

After graduating with a medical degree in 1981, a young Lindsay Wakefield began working in hospitals and medical clinics where he treated a large number of patients with work-related back injuries. He conceived an idea for a simple spring-based mechanism to sit underneath pallets that raised or lowered automatically to waist height. In 1984, working with his brother David, and close friend and engineer Bruce Cox, the first PALIFT pallet leveller was born, revolutionising the materials handling industry and becoming the company’s flagship product for many years.

Since that time, Safetech has continued to innovate and develop a family of world-class products with total sales of over 100,000 items to become Australia’s number one choice for safety and productivity.

Today, the original partners – Lindsay, Toni, Bruce and David remain as proud and passionate as ever to lead an innovative and loyal team that rise to any challenge and strive for excellence.


Pictured top of page are the Safetech Directors in 1985

Safetech minutes from first meeting
Safetech's first meeting minutes 1984
Safetech Heritage - Con the Fruiterer
Con the Fruiterer demonstrating the Powerlift Trolley
Safetech - early Palift brochure
Early Palift advertising