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Door Solutions

Australian designed, locally manufactured

Trust the Doors that Safetech Trusts

For many years Safetech has made industrial doors for use in our own lifts and hoists.
That experience has taught us how important it is to have a door that is reliable and durable.

When a door fails, our lifts fail.

For a long time, Safetech bought other suppliers roller doors for use in our hoists and lifts.
Sadly, we couldn’t find one that met our performance standards.
Problems we experienced were:

  • Low duty cycles
  • Slow speed
  • Easily damaged in normal use
  • Limited after sales support

Roller Doors

High-Speed Roller Door - DuraFast

Safetech designed and installed

  • 6-second opening/closing speed
  • Durable 100% duty cycle
  • Flexible cladding options
  • Custom widths and lengths available
  • Face or recessed mounting options


The large high-speed roller door

  • Clear door opening (CDO) range of up to 5m wide and high
  • 5 second opening time on 2100mm high CDO
  • 12 second opening time on 5000mm high CDO
  • Aluminium door curtains
  • Optional steel curtains

Nested Roller Door

No compromise on door height.

Durafasts unique design recesses the drum and slats in a durable housing mounted between the floor and lift shaft.
Using our nested door configuration, designers can lower roof height without compromising door opening height.
The door enclosure is tough, durable and able to withstand high rollover loads. Extra space between lift and floor is required to install the top plate.


Cladding - Slat Options

Aluminium Slats

A range of colours and finishes to suit your specific design

  • Standard aluminium
  • Powder-coated
  • Heavy-duty series for external areas
  • High wind loading

Perforated Slat Options

For visibility, light and security

  • Up to 32% of clear surface area for increased ventilation and airflow
  • Save on secondary ventilation shaft
  • Allow additional daylight to permeate through.
  • Increased visibility reducting in the claustrophobic effects.

Custom Options

We can work with some specialist manufacturers on unique and bespoke door installations.

  • Timber cladding
  • Corten steel
  • Custom profiles
  • Glass

Sectional Overhead Doors

Architecturally sensitive design

Safetech appreciates that the first thing a customer interacts with is the door. Due to this, the appearance of the cladding needs to match the finish and character of the rest of the building. The overhead sectional door structure allows for cladding options like glass, timber and other custom textured options.

Popular with private residents and architects who want to fully customise the external look of a building.

The additional headroom and strength of the available motor allow for more creative freedom when choosing various cladding options.
Safetech offers a range of standard cladding options, but we are happy to consider custom designs in conjunction with architectural requirements.

Heavy Duty Security Doors

We offer a range of door solutions for dock environments and secure facilities.
Durable panel configurations that can be applied to both new and existing developments.


Triple Layer Insulated Sectional Doors



Commercial White - Standard

Commercial Grey - Optional

Commercial Brown - Optional

The Amarr 2742 Model is a high insulation rated door designed exclusively for the commercial and industrial sectional overhead door market.

It's construction is a foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation which creates a strong monolithic panel that is highly energy efficient.


Designed for use in commercial installations the Amarr 2742 is the perfect completion to a dock installation, or can be installed separately for your cool room application.
The pencil groove construction separates the inner and outer skins so that heat transfer is minimised through the covering. This is important to avoid condensation on the outer surface. The foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation provides a door panel of 51mm.


Steel + Insulation + Steel
Track: All doors come standard with 76mm track in Standard Lift, High Lift or Vertical Lift. Custom track configurations are also available.
Hardware: Includes galvanised steel hinges and galvanised steel track brackets. All rollers have minimum 10-ball bearings.
Springs: Torsion springs are oil tempered, helical wound and custom computed for each door for a minimum 10,000 cycle life.
*Safetech supplies as standard 50,000 cycle life springs. (Subject to minimum door width and track type. It may be reduced on smaller doors, and larger doors with vertical lift track).


Safetech ensures overall system installation and integration. Installing a sectional door with your dock leveller/lift means they are integrated for optimum functionality.

Locking out the door so that it will not close until the leveller is returned to its home position and locking out the leveller until the door is opened ensures operation in the correct sequence. (Note that sequencing is optional).

Powered Jackshaft Operator

This door is optimised for dock installations with the inclusion of powered operation. The Maneras Operator comes standard with momentary up and stop button, and constant pressure down control.


Internal Doors & Facility Access Packages

Professional, secure access

Safetech lift control systems are intuitive and of a high quality, providing a professional and easy to use interface for our Safetech lifts and hoists.
This system does not need a lift or hoist to work, meaning our door controls can be installed in isolation to provide secure facility access.


Intuitive Controls

Interacting with your door doesn’t need to have an industrial feel.
We have a range of user controls available that match the high-end finish of any showroom, residence or commercial building.


Internal automation

Using our photoelectric sensors and lock-out facilities, our high-speed roller doors can be installed for rapid and secure transit between internal building sections.