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Increases in production efficiency require high pace, high demand, in-line applications.

In this digital age, factory automation and high-cycle manufacturing workshops require solutions that won't let them down when they need it most.

Our products are the best at lifting, tilting, levelling, wrapping and loading faster than any other on the market. Our control systems require minimum input from the user, in many cases, they are able to integrate with existing factory automation systems.

We have a range of proven standard models that suit most applications when Safetech are involved early enough in fit-out discussions, but we are also market leaders in creating custom solutions that overcome even the most challenging spacial and design constraints.

Integrated In-line Auto System

Safetech lift tables are used in-line with auto systems. These lift tables are generally working a high pace 24/7 operation. Some of the features generally required for these applications are; custom high cycle options including constant running power unit with upper and lower limits.

Customers can also choose to control the table with their own PLC applications, include in-line board feed system, dual pallet feed, air-cons, food packaging and general warehouse.


End of Line Palletising

Lift tables are used at the ends of conveyor line where goods are being either decanted or palletised. These tables generally have a turntable, manual or powered, to assist the operation with the loading & unloading of goods, combine these up/down indexing options so the operator only needs to tap the button.

Applications where pallets are made up of different weights and heights, benefit from a hydraulic lift table due to the ability to position the platform at any height.

Safety features include safety bar around the perimeter of the table to stop descent if anything was to come in contact. Safety skirt to protect the operator from the scissor mechanism.

Applications include Pharmaceutical, cold storage, Retail DC, warehousing, food.

Pit mount table with MTT10.1_sq