Hidden Vehicle Lift with Trafficable Roof

Discrete, Professional, Secure

This Vehicle Lift Scissor in Elizabeth Bay NSW provides safe travel down to the basement level, The paving pattern has been laid out to match the surroundings, providing a seamless transition when the lift is lowered.

The owner wanted to refurbish the whole house but as the property is listed as heritage, they needed to conform to the strict rules surrounding what they can change. The owners also wanted more onsite parking due to the busy surrounding roads. This led to the excavation in front of the house to create basement parking and due to the limited footprint, a vehicle lift was the most practical solution to access the basement.  One of the obstacles was that they were not allowed to build a permanent carport style structure in front of the main building. This is where a Safetech Trafficable Roof Vehicle Lift was a perfect solution for this project.

We worked directly with the owner of the property ensuring the installation was completed to our sterling standard. Even going so far as to fly one of our specialists from Victoria to resolve a surface finishes issue that arose from its short transit to site.

  • Lifting capacity 3500kg, with an additional 2000kg of paving on the trafficable roof.
  • Available floor-to-floor travel of up to 3800mm
  • Travel speed 6 m/min with 22kW power unit
  • Platform size: 6 x 3 m