Launceston Dock Upgrade

Dock Hoist replacement, professionally installed by FRM.

The customer on this project provided a very small window in which this install could take place to prevent any issues with their strick delivery schedule.

FRM started start work at 2pm Wednesday evening. It was ready for hand over by 2pm Friday.  First delivery via the new unit took place in the same hour.

We congratulate them on a job well done.

Peter May (FRM Install Technician) said;

"We had great support from Safetech electrical and Mechanical engineering team, essentially a plug and play setup. Very tight headroom - 20-30mm top and bottom to crane out old unit.

Safetech equipment is always easier to put in."

This unit is a single scissor hoist with a magnetic boom gate at the lower level and a hydraulic boom gate at the upper level.

Lockable control unit prevents vandalism.

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