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Materials Handling issue solved for aircraft equipment manufacturer

Quickstep Technologies
Milperra, Sydney

Quickstep Technologies in Milperra Sydney manufacture quality aircraft equipment including body parts. They use large autoclaves to set the carbon fibre pieces once they have been moulded. These pieces are placed on large trolleys and pushed into the autoclaves. The materials handling team used an inefficient and unsafe bridging platform to bridge the gap between the floor level and the autoclave. Due to the site restrictions in clearances, Safetech had to innovate two types of bridging platforms that not only could take the heavy loads requires (9000 kgs) but be able to manoeuvre out of the way to allow the autoclave doors to close

Folded away with a minimal footprint.

This first system Safetech provided was a traversing platform that had folding wings and hand rails. Using our simple controls, the operator easily traverses the platform into position then unfold the wings creating a safe and stable platform enabling the large trolley and its load to be manually pushed into the autoclave. The operator then returns to our control panel and reverses the operation to enable the large autoclave door to close. The client has been so impressed with how well we were able to deliver this system they engaged us to provide a solution for their second autoclave.

The second system had more difficult requirements with a smaller space available. The Safetech engineering team developed a platform that would sit vertically to the side of the autoclave and when needed, be hydraulically lowered into position. There were some safety concerns regarding lowering the platform but these were overcome by installing grid mesh for higher visibility and light ray curtains to prevent lowering if an obstruction was present. Once again the client has been extremely happy with the outcome.

Both systems were also able to interlock into the autoclave safety systems which prevent the operators from entering the autoclave unless the oxygen levels are satisfactory.


  • Hydraulic lifting mechanism
  • Load capacity of over 9000kgs
  • Self-supporting – (no additional supports bracing elements required)
  • Existing infrastructure integration
  • Aligned roller tracks
  • Grid mesh surface for increased permeability
  • Light ray curtains to prevent lowering if an object is in the way
  • Interlock system that integrates with existing safety mechanisms

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