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Pallet Handling Solutions

Pallets are a necessary part of moving many of the goods required today.

Safe and efficient Pallet Handling requires:

  1. Making pallets available when they are required
  2. Eliminating or reducing manual handling
  3. Reduce reliance on Forklifts.
  4. Separate Forklifts and Pedestrians.

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Stretch Wrapping Solutions

As your manufacturing/production or warehousing business grows you need to consider how you are palletising your products, and how you hold those pallet loads together.

Typically small volumes get hand wrapped, but the risks and draw backs are many:

  • Poorly wrapped product risks damage
  • Poorly wrapped product creates a safety risk
  • Hand wrapping causes back and other injuries
  • Machine wrapping will be quicker/more consistent and use less film.

The Safetechrange of stretch wrappers covers replacement of hand wrapping applications through to higher volumes ideal for semi automatic machines. Continue Reading…

Pallet Loading Solutions

Want to improve your pallet loading, improve worker moral and productivity, and reduce your risk of injury?

Safetech approach pallet loading from above and below with the following aims:

  • Reduce loading times (productivity)
  • Increase overall safety for operators
  • Completely eliminate lifting (if possible)
  • Eliminate bending
  • Eliminate reaching
  • Eliminate walking with goods.

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