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Our biggest Freight Mate yet, the 4800 is available now.

Freight Mate 4800
Freight Mate 4800

Introducing the Freight Mate 4800.

The next iteration in the Australian designed Freight Mate Goods Lift series.

Along with optional full height upper landing doors, the 4800mm floor-to-floor reach extends 800mm higher than our previous vertical travel champion.

As with the entire range, the design is flexible and can be used in a wide range of applications including retail, warehousing, apartments, wash down and other harsh environments.

With a weight capacity of 1000kgs, the 4800 retains many of the features of its smaller counterparts.

Features Include:

  • A self-supporting structure that does not require attachment to a dock.
  • Adjustable range from 4000 to 4800.
  • Left-hand and right-hand mounting options for doors, panels and power unit.
  • No Pit required.
  • 2m/min (30mm/s) travel speed.

Get in contact with your local sales representative to find out more. Details can be found on our contact page.
Alternatively, to be contacted by one of our product experts, fill in the Freight Hoist & Lifts enquiry form.

Freight Mate 4800
Freight Mate 4800

Lifting Table helps airline catering company take off!

Alpha Flight Lift Table
Alpha Flight Lift Table


Alpha Flight Lift Table
Cairns, Queensland

Alpha Flight are one of Australia’s largest airline catering companies. Currently operating in 62 airports in 11 countries, with 10 in Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville, Darwin, Cairns and Canberra airports.

As part of Alpha Flights constant expansion, Safetech was commissioned to supply and install another of our 2t capacity Lift Tables for their new Cairns distribution facility.

This is one of many of our tables throughout their facilities in Australia at major airports.

It will be used on high rotation to lift the numerous catering trolleys and supplies up to the trucks behind the interlocked doors.

As always safety is paramount to operation. This model has robust balustrades to allow safe personal travel. As well as high visibility skirting to prevent any accidents from trolleys or people getting underneath.

This proven design has many variations that can fit almost any space, including pit-less hoists and high capacity models.

Dry Dock Water Testing at Safetech, the S-2200

Before Simulation - Water SealDry Dock Testing
Safetech Head Office
Moe, Victoria

On Monday, the team conducted some onsite weather testing.

With the aid of a hose and our friends over at Willaton Transport, who kindly provided us with one of their trucks to use as a test subject. We used our onsite simulation dock to mount the Serco S-2200 with Dry Dock by Safetech and test its ability to disperse water away from the rear opening.

Products Engineer Hanno Schloetel drew the short straw and was selected to be in the firing line to capture the results.

Various heights were measured to simulate different truck heights and seal pressures. The quantity of water coming from the fire hose was clearly excessive. Despite this, all scenarios were a resounding success.

Watch the below product test video to see the results for yourself.

We are back! Primed and ready for an amazing 2018

Safetech Team

The production and solutions teams are back from their summer festivities ready to sink our teethes into a productive and rewarding 2018.

We hope you enjoyed the Christmas and new year’s periods. We look forward to working with everyone again.

Meet the team: Ben Oliver – Marketing and Communications Officer

Ben Oliver
Ben Oliver

Great stories mean nothing unless people hear them.

This is the mantra of any marketing effort. Not only informing people what we do, but also who we are and why we do it.

My name is Ben Oliver, Safetech have brought me on board to help tell these stories.

The first few weeks.

Video production, photography and creative development are my professional drivers.

Coming into this job, I had a range of ideas and creative strategies that I thought would really help to raise our company profile.

Over the first few weeks on the job though, I have quickly found that the scope of what we do is far greater than what I imagined! The images, products and projects showcased on our website only scratch the surface of what’s possible.

The range of skills and knowledge the team apply to their work on a daily basis is immense. So capturing the true essence of what all of our teams do, from the experienced solutions teams, through to the innovations in engineering and manufacturing, will keep me busy for a long time to come.

I thank Safetech for allowing me to join them.

I hope you the audience enjoy reading, watching and hearing about the great things we do here.

But as always, get in contact with the team to hear about how we can help you.

Ben O

Materials Handling issue solved for aircraft equipment manufacturer

Quickstep Technologies
Milperra, Sydney

Quickstep Technologies in Milperra Sydney manufacture quality aircraft equipment including body parts. They use large autoclaves to set the carbon fibre pieces once they have been moulded. These pieces are placed on large trolleys and pushed into the autoclaves. The materials handling team used an inefficient and unsafe bridging platform to bridge the gap between the floor level and the autoclave. Due to the site restrictions in clearances, Safetech had to innovate two types of bridging platforms that not only could take the heavy loads requires (9000 kgs) but be able to manoeuvre out of the way to allow the autoclave doors to close

Folded away with a minimal footprint.

This first system Safetech provided was a traversing platform that had folding wings and hand rails. Using our simple controls, the operator easily traverses the platform into position then unfold the wings creating a safe and stable platform enabling the large trolley and its load to be manually pushed into the autoclave. The operator then returns to our control panel and reverses the operation to enable the large autoclave door to close. The client has been so impressed with how well we were able to deliver this system they engaged us to provide a solution for their second autoclave.

The second system had more difficult requirements with a smaller space available. The Safetech engineering team developed a platform that would sit vertically to the side of the autoclave and when needed, be hydraulically lowered into position. There were some safety concerns regarding lowering the platform but these were overcome by installing grid mesh for higher visibility and light ray curtains to prevent lowering if an obstruction was present. Once again the client has been extremely happy with the outcome.

Both systems were also able to interlock into the autoclave safety systems which prevent the operators from entering the autoclave unless the oxygen levels are satisfactory.


  • Hydraulic lifting mechanism
  • Load capacity of over 9000kgs
  • Self-supporting – (no additional supports bracing elements required)
  • Existing infrastructure integration
  • Aligned roller tracks
  • Grid mesh surface for increased permeability
  • Light ray curtains to prevent lowering if an object is in the way
  • Interlock system that integrates with existing safety mechanisms

Safetech’s Business of the year award revisted – Article

An achievement Safetech can be proud of in our long history of innovation and growth

Back in 2006 Safetech was awarded the Telstra Business of the Year. Since this proud achievement we have continued to innovate and improve in all aspects of the business. One of the largest Gippsland based private employers, our Materials Handling products continue to play a vital role in enhancing the efficient and safe operations of Australian Companies.


Cold Chain compliant loading zone improves refrigerated logistics

Safetech delivered Nolan Meats a Cold Chain compliant loading dock system which allows refrigerated vehicles to reverse into the loading zone with closed cargo doors. Unlike conventional loading docks with inflatable seals which require the driver to open truck doors before reversing into the loading zone, Safetech’s igloo system allows trucks to move into position with doors still closed. An inflatable shelter is activated, a seal is created against the trucks’ body and a temperature controlled zone is created. Finally, the doors to the refrigerated truck and facility can be opened and the dock leveller can be set in place. 

Refrigerated temperatures are maintained, efficiency increases assured.

Creating a system which allows transport vehicles to dock before opening cargo doors delivers integrity to the storage and loading component of Nolan’s temperature controlled supply chain. Ensuring chilled air does not escape unnecessarily means low temperature ranges are maintained and running costs reduced. When loading is complete the dock leveller is stowed, the vehicle doors can be closed and the shelter can be deflated. This process maintains both the temperature inside the building and vehicle, and prevents external elements from entering the controlled environment.

Traffic management and driver safety improves in the loading zone

In the busy loading zone drivers no longer need to leave the wheel. Allowing trucks to reverse into position before opening cargo doors reduces the risk of contact or collision between other vehicles and personnel.  Trucks can move efficiently into and away from the loading zone and as a result loading turn around times are improved. For Nolan’s, this represents improved outcomes in a number of areas. Refrigerated temperatures are maintained, drivers and other personnel are safer and loading is more efficient. The cold chain is unbroken and a cold chain compliant system logistics system is assured.

Trucks reverse into loading zone and open cargo doors once docked
Truck approaches igloo dock system with cargo doors closed. Refrigerated temperatures are maintained
Safetech inflatable seals prevent temperature losses and creates a barrier to the elements
Inflatable seals prevent temperature losses and create a barrier to the elements

Workstation Lifting Solutions

Workstation lifting applications require a customised and well thought out solution.

Safetech has a broad product range to provide a solution tailored to the individual requirements. All applications require assessment for (among many others): space requirements (LxWxH), capacity, how the product is to be lifted (above or below).

This assessment with the assistance of Safetech trained sales force will assist you to decide which workstation lifting solution fits your application. Continue Reading…

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