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Dock Leveller replacement making the back of house look like the front.

There’s nothing better than that new dock leveller smell.

Well as very least it’d smell better than the old unit at this retail outlet.

Our Tieman dock leveller by Safetech will aid in maintaining an ergonomic, durable, safe and clean working environment.


Vermin guards prevent debris and rubbish from falling under the leveller, while also protecting feet from being crushed.

This model boasts an extended load lip to accommodate a wider range of delivery trucks.

If your loading dock environment looks like the before state, give us a call or send us an enquiry. Your workers will thank you for improving their safety.

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The new Safetech Tieman Dock Leveller brochure now available.

Dock Leveller Brochure
Dock Leveller Brochure

Your overview of the industry leading Safetech Tieman Dock Leveller is now available in print form.

The new and improved Dock leveller brochure provides you with all the information you need to know what our Dock Levellers are all about.

Check out images of some of its best features, or use it to get an understanding of how they work, including weight distribution, safety features and operation.

Dock Leveller BrochureDock Leveller Brochure

For a copy of the brochure, or for more information about our Dock Products and other Safetech lifting solutions, check out the rest of our website:

You can also speak to one of our product specialists. Details can be found by filling out our Dock Products Enquiry form, or on our contact page.

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