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Stretch Wrapping Solutions

April 17, 2017

As your manufacturing/production or warehousing business grows you need to consider how you are palletising your products, and how you hold those pallet loads together.

Typically small volumes get hand wrapped, but the risks and draw backs are many:

  • Poorly wrapped product risks damage
  • Poorly wrapped product creates a safety risk
  • Hand wrapping causes back and other injuries
  • Machine wrapping will be quicker/more consistent and use less film.

The Safetechrange of stretch wrappers covers replacement of hand wrapping applications through to higher volumes ideal for semi automatic machines.

Manual Wrapping

Manual stretch wrapping involves a powered turntable and counterweighted mast supporting the film roll.  These wrappers are simple to use, easy to setup and typically require only 240v outlet to operate.

Semi Automatic Wrapping

By powering the mast as well as the turntable the human effort is reduced further.  Powered masts with a photo eye will require film attachment and pressing start only, allowing time for other tasks during the wrap cycle.

Load Wrappers with a Hand Pallet Truck

The ability to load a stretch wrapper with a hand pallet truck allows the reduction in forklift traffic.  STS manufactures stretch wrapping models for applications where forklifts traffic is undesirable.

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Tape Wrapping

Unique to Safetech the stretch tape wrapper provides stretch wrapping with a stretchable tape.  In use with semi automatic wrapping for 15 years and utilising 3M Stretch Tape, pallets wrapped in this manner allow the following:

  • Breathability of loads for cool rooms and efficient freezing
  • Fruit and vegetables travel better when wrapped with stretch tape
  • 95% waste reduction by volume
  • Stretch tape is bio degradable

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Stack and Wrap Combinations

Have you considered that your product can be palletised (stacked) and wrapped at the one location. Saving you factory space and transportation time ’Manual’ Stack and Wrap equipment is perfect for completed goods in a smaller production/palletising line.

Larger production lines (greater than 5 pallets per hour) will benefit greatly from robotic stacking combined with an automated stretch wrapper.

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