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Pallet Handling Solutions

April 19, 2017

Pallets are a necessary part of moving many of the goods required today.

Safe and efficient Pallet Handling requires:

  1. Making pallets available when they are required
  2. Eliminating or reducing manual handling
  3. Reduce reliance on Forklifts.
  4. Separate Forklifts and Pedestrians.

Pallet Dispensers

Dispense single pallets and remove using a hand pallet truck.

Pallet availability is critical in many applications. Traditional reliance on forklifts has draw backs that can
be overcome by the use of Pallet Dispensers.

Pallet Dispensers allow:

  • Separation of forklift and pedestrian zones
  • Reduced reliance on forklifts
  • Quicker access to pallets
  • Greatly reduced space requirements for pallet storage.

Pallets can be dispensed to the floor for take away by hand pallet trucks, powered pallets trucks, or onto conveyors (for automated applications).

Pallet Inverters

Pallet Inverters will rotate 180 degrees with your 2000kg of product. Platen sensors avoid product damage.

So your product is already on a pallet, but it needs to be transfered to another. Don’t manually load your pallets. The Safetech Pallet Inverter quickly and effortlessly transfers the goods from one pallet to another. Ideal in food, and beverage applications for removing damaged pallets or pharmaceutical applications where you need to move goods onto plastic pallets. Without leaving the seat of your forklift and within 2 minutes your goods can be safely transferred to a new pallet.

Pallet Tilters

Tilters are utilised for varied applications. As pallet tilters, they are ideal for squaring, parting or accessing a pallet load. Rolls of paper/plastic of steel when used as part of production will arrive on a pallet. Placing the pallet onto the tilter allows the roll to be easily picked up in the correct orientation for loading into its discharge location.

Further uses of tilters include:

  • Access to parts in bins
  • Tilting of rolls of plastic, paper or steel
  • Crates, stillages access
  • Cold Store tilters for dunnage sheet removal
  • Change orientation of goods (stand-alone or within a production line)
  • Tilt containers of liquid towards outlet drain
  • Tilters offer a safe controlled tilt of heavy and valuable items. Forklifts are often used instead, which is uncontrolled, dangerous and can results in expensive damage to product.

Pallet Squarers

Customers handling high volumes of pallets can keep their pallet stacks stable and square with the STS Pallet squarer. The pallet squarer is easy to use, providing a simple and effective way to manage pallets on factory and warehouse floors. The pallet squarer ensures pallets can be safely loaded onto conveyors and automated handling systems or securely transported. A load of pallets is positioned inside the booth and “squared” against the walls for safe removal. Available in cassette sizes for either 15 or 25 pallets.

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