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Single Scissor Lift provides a safe lifting solution

Installed in a large industrial site this single scissor lift is a simple and safe solution to a hazardous lifting problem.

This single scissor lift has a travel height of 1800mm, with a platform size of 2900mm x 1400mm and lift capacity of 1000kg, perfect for moving scaffolding and maintenance trolleys between floors.

Safety features include safety bar and skirt to prevent pinch point, enclosed handrails and gates, and ramp out front with handrails.

Read more about our customised scissor lifts or contact us for expert advice on your lifting problem.

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Porsche Car Hoist

Case Study

Industry:  Automotive
Product:  Scissor Lift


When a Sydney Porsche car collector needed a hoist to safely lower his cars down into his basement he chose Australia’s leading  scissor lift – Safetech.

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Custom Mezzanine Lift eliminates Manual Labour

Case Study

Industry:  Food Processing
Product:  Scissor Lift


A major Australian meat processor. Their basic business requires heavy manual work cutting and packing meat for super markets. This creates a need to protect workers whilst still increasing productivity.

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Rio Tinto Trunion Trolley

Case Study

Industry:  Mining
Product:  Driven Trolley and Scissor Lift

Product Summary

This system was custom developed for the purpose of changing the trunion assembly at the Rio Tinto site in WA.

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