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2 Quality Installations in Tight Spaces

Our installation team showcase how Safetech’s expertise and talent can overcome the greatest of challenges.

Both the patient transport lift at the Epworth Hospital and this Dock Hoist at Bexley North presented very challenging site conditions and accessibility restrictions.

Tight corridors and small openings made installation difficult for both projects. But through the work of our talented Installation Engineers and our on-site techs, we were able to come up with solutions to get the jobs done efficiently.

Epworth Hospital Patient Lift

For the Epworth Hospital patient lift, a crane was used to get the lift close to the opening, but then we used a custom Gorbel monorail system to slide the platform into place.

Epworth Hospital 1   Epworth Hospital 2

Ergonomics were considered to ensure a smooth installation without risk of injury to the team.

Bexley North Goods Hoist

Bexley North was a unique challenge. The narrow street and small doorway meant only smaller vehicles and forklifts could be used during the install, so larger cranes could not be used to remove the existing Dock Hoist or insert the new Safetech Hoist.


To overcome this, the existing table was cut down into manageable pieces for removal. For the new replacement, our skilled Engineers designed a platform that consists of 3 manageable pieces, that can be assembled in position without compromising its load capacity or structural integrity.


If you have a complex site and everyone else has said they can’t help. Give us a call, because chances are, we can!

Multilevel Goods Hoist

Safetech release multilevel Goods Hoist

Safetech has continued to expand its product offering with the recent edition of expanded models in the Goods Hoist Range, including the release of a multilevel Goods Hoist.

Whilst a majority of Goods Hoists Installed are between two levels there is an ever increasing call for extra levels with more installations in and around the Central Business Districts of Australia’s major capital cities.

These new additions allow:

  • Up to 4 levels to be serviced
  • Larger Capacities up to and beyond 10,000kg
  • Larger Platform Sizes
  • Additional Booth Finish options
  • An extension of our lo profile design to these larger capacities

Find out more about our range of Goods Hoists, or contact us on 1800 674 566 to discuss your requirements.

Product Release – Goods Hoist Compact

Safetech continue to develop new products, responding to the needs of our market we have released the Goods Hoist Compact, the Solution to goods movement over one level in a modular design.

The Goods Hoist Compact design has minimal impact on your building, can be installed in a single day and is supplied in a modular package.  We have seen the need for a hoist without the full list of features, allowing lower use applications to be installed in a timely and economical fashion, yet still providing the ease of use available on our larger fully specified Hoists.

Contact the team at Safetech to find out more about this new and exciting product line.

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