Safetech, AutoMossa & FRM at Tasmania Bakeries.

Tas Bakeries

How removing a cumbersome ramp allows a Safetech Dock Hoist and Auto Mossa Hyperchill high-speed roller door to improve cooling regulation and reclaim valuable real-estate.

At the new Tasmania Bakeries facility, FRM has expertly installed this custom single scissor dock hoist with guided rails and boom gates, to allow 2 pallets to be perfectly aligned to transport goods between levels.

This hoist replaces a long ramp that occupied a significant amount of production space. Forklifts and expensive motorised trolleys were required for this simple transit task which can now be done more efficiently.

The pit was cast specifically for the hoist. Our expert team of Engineers worked with all parties to design this hoist. Including defining the installation methodology with FRM’s team.

The platform was equipped with an egress control panel for the AotoMossa Hyperchill roller door which does its job effectively without compromise. The high-speed insulated door has a deliberately small time in which it stays open to minimise the amount of cool air loss. All this while keeping workers safe with photo-eye technology to detect occupation and prevent closure on workers.

Intuitive industrial controls ensure the entire system is simple to use. Market-leading finishes on all components to ensure our products match the professional look of the facility.

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