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Dock Levellers


Dock Levellers

The Tieman Dock Leveller by Safetech is Australian designed and the most widely used dock leveller in Australia.

With a well-earned reputation as the safest, most robust dock available the Tieman Dock Leveller is your efficient link between loading dock and delivery vehicle. Safety for your staff and delivery drivers. Efficient product delivery for your store.

Safetech dock levellers can be complimented by a full range of dock products and accessories including dock seals, vehicle restraints, safety gates and barriers – all available from the same company that has been supplying the Australian market with dock equipment for over 30 years.

Safetech can integrate our dock levellers with instantaneous, clear, non-verbal communication systems for your dock operator and vehicle drivers. These systems enhance safety and productivity in your dock area whilst providing feedback on dock utilisation and function

The result – improved safety and enhanced productivity on your dock.

Typical installations include: Pit Mounted, Free Standing or Igloo and all are available with optional truck Tail Lift provision.

Safetech’s experienced sales and installation team ensure you are provided with the best advice, and assist you with a seamless and efficiently performing loading dock installation.

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  • The only Australian designed dock leveller built to suit Australian conditions
  • Largest range of dock levellers in the market
  • Standard 12,500kg stowed rollover capacity
  • Enclosed hinge design provides a safe and seamless transition between the warehouse and truck
  • Fully integrated to your dock with traffic management, bumpers and safety gates


  • Retail
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Manufacturing Despatch
  • Cold storage and frozen goods manufacturing
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