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Safety and Productivity by Design

Truck Lifts for Major Melbourne Shopping Centre

March 31, 2017

Case Study

Industry:  Retail
Product:  Truck Hoist


Trucks need lots of space – something that CBD properties don’t have. How do you move trucks in and out of loading areas without long expensive, real estate hungry truck ramps.


Safetech has developed a large capacity, high travel scissor hoist that elevates and lowers trucks between building floors.

They eliminate the need for long, real estate hungry truck ramps in building developments and provides architects and builders with a practical alternative for freight movements in and out of retail and commercial sites.


  1. Higher rental returns (from the extra rental space)
  2. Central control and monitoring of truck movements
  3. Safer truck movements

The Safetech truck lift incorporates several cutting edge developments including remote real time monitoring of lift movements and performance as well as an industry first – electrical power regeneration. This energy saving feature delivers electricity back into the grid or site as the scissor lifts descends. Power savings are substantial and financially significant over the life of the lift table.

  • Capacities range from 10 tonne to 30 tonne or more
  • Vertical travel available up to 12 metres
  • Platform sizes up to 15m x 7m are available
  • Integration with powered doors
  • Travel management systems can be provided by Safetech

Safetech design and manufacture all truck lifts in Australia and this ensures compliance with Australian engineering and OH&S standards. Installation and maintenance are by Safetech personnel and the standard working life design of a truck lift is greater than 25 years.