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Handling Mining Samples with Safetech Turntable on a Stand

March 31, 2017

Case Study

Industry:  Mining
Product:  Palring Pallet Turntable


Pallets of mining core samples are heavy and not easily accessible when sitting on floor.

Consequently back and upper limb injuries are a significant risk when bending and stretching to place and retrieve samples from the pallet. The customer wanted a  simple, effective and safe solution to help sortation these ore samples


Safetech used their Palring pallet turntable and added a custom stand to support the mining samples whilst they were being examined. This provided elevation and rotation which was an ideal ergonomic solution to help inspect each payer.

An Safetech Palring (1100mm diameter) mounted on a fixed height stand positions the pallet of core samples at a convenient height.  The load height is only 3–400 mm which is ideal for the operators.

Commonly supplied heights are 450mm and 900mm, but custom heights are available.


  • Positions load at comfortable working height
  • Strong and durable, 2,000kg capacity
  • Turntable allows effortless rotation to reach all of pallet without stretching
  • In-built fork sockets provides easy relocation
  • No back injuries from bending/stretching.
  • Reduces fatigue.

Safetech have supplied numerous mining companies with this simple but welcome handling aid.


  • Trolleys were not strong enough to support the heavy load.
  • Forklifts were tied up for long periods and are a safe solution.
  • Did not provide for rotation of pallet.