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Lo Lift low profile Scissor Lifts

Lo Lift low profile Scissor Lifts

The ultra low profile scissor lift, providing a no pit lift table solution

A pallet sized platform in a unique low profile design, the lo lift delivers pallet truck and trolley access with a unique tray style platform.

A lifting platform with minimal low height can save installation cost, provide lifting solutions on sites where scissors can’t be used and allows access with all pallet handling equipment. Safetech are the only Australian company offering a high capacity truly low profile scissor lift.  Designed and manufactured in Australia to comply with tough OH+S standards, the Lo lift is effective, safe and robust.

The lo lift forms a part of our low profile range of products, also including our Lo Hoist prefered by major Australian retailers for back of store and warehouse use.



  • Ultra low profile (40mm) for roll on access
  • Single Pallet size to Multiple Pallet Models
  • No need to cut a pit into your facility as with a traditional scissor


  • Mail sorting
  • Palletising applications
  • Leased Premises to avoid pits
  • As small dock units
  • Landing Access Hoist