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Safety and Productivity by Design

Gorbel Easy Arm eliminates Manual Lifting

March 24, 2017

Case Study

Industry:  Manufacturer of Wood Splitters
Product:  Gorbel Easy Arm with custom Magnetic Tooling


The process of lifting the cylinders from pallet to conveyor takes two people which effects productivity and ties up staff who could be working on other tasks.

Back injuries have also been a significant issue.

The customer had been considering using a chain hoist with slings to improve the process. But after seeing a demo of an Easy Arm handling similar cylinders the decision was easy.

The Solution

Gorbel Easy ArmAn Easy Arm Intelligent Assist Device with 165 lb. Q unit and a custom magnetic tool.
With the new unit in place, the customer was able to eliminate an operator, improve their cycle times, and decrease their rate of injuries in that work cell. It helps establish the Easy Arm as an affordable solution for a wide range of operations.