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Safety and Productivity by Design

Pallet Loading Solutions

April 15, 2017

Want to improve your pallet loading, improve worker moral and productivity, and reduce your risk of injury?

Safetech approach pallet loading from above and below with the following aims:

  • Reduce loading times (productivity)
  • Increase overall safety for operators
  • Completely eliminate lifting (if possible)
  • Eliminate bending
  • Eliminate reaching
  • Eliminate walking with goods.


Manual pallet loading benefits substantially with levelling of the pallet. An automatic pallet leveller will provide higher productivity and substantially lower injury risk.

The Palift automatically keeps the top of pallet loads at the optimum working height during loading and unloading. A built in turntable allows workers to rotate the load for quick access to all sides. The Palift is the original patented pallet leveller and has led the market for 25yrs.

As a single unit with a turntable the palift will maintain an ideal loading height approx 800mm, and with the turntable top version operators do not need to reach across or walk around the unit to load the far side.

When used in tandem the palift makes an ideal solution for loading longer or wider loads such as timbers and boards.


Palift – a simple and highly effective solution to the manual handling problems created when loading and unloading pallets.

Palift automatically keeps the pallet load at the optimum working height when loading or unloading goods. It can dramatically reduce injuries and significantly raise productivity.

Virtually eliminates lifting, bending, and stretching, the primary causes of back injury.
This simple, automatic unit is ideal for most pallet loading applications. It incorporates a turntable to allow nearside loading and a system of springs and shock absorbers which lower and raise the unit as pallets are built up and broken down, to maintain a constant working height. No power or air supply is required. Pallet loads up to 2,000 kgs can be handled.

Scissor Lifts

In applications where the product weights & heights (density) vary greatly and regularly a scissor lift provides the ideal levelling aid. Scissor lift levelling can be achieved with simple manual controls, or they can be optioned with automatic levelling. This is achieved with the use of photo electric eyes or by electronically slaving the scissor to upstream equipment. As with Palift a scissor lift can be fitted with a turntable.

Scissor lifts can also be installed in applications where the pallet needs to be removed using a hand pallet truck.
Galv Platform Scissor Lift.

Gorbel G-force and Easy Arm

Pallet Loading Applications requiring high speed (but accurate) product movement and loading call for an Intelligent Solution. Gorbel’s G-Force®, Easy Arm®, and G-Jib™ Intelligent Lifting Devices enable operators to lift and maneuver naturally, as if the devices were an extension of their arms. Our Q and iQ model Intelligent Lifting Devices will help improve productivity, reduce the cost of product damage, and minimize work-related injuries.

G-Force® technology fills the void between traditional lifting devices and completely automated robotic solutions.
These devices use the human’s intelligence and adaptability for guidance but the work is done by the device. Available in both Bridge Crane Mounted and Jib Crane Mounted Solutions.

All of Gorbel’s G-Force Intelligent Lifting products (G-Force, Easy Arm, and G-Jib) now come with float mode as a standard feature. Allowing lifting with direct load contact, float mode increases loading speed and further reduces the risk of product damage.

Gorbel workstation Bridge and Jib Cranes with vacuum lifter

Many lighter loading applications such as bag or box palletising benefit from loading with vacuum lifters. Vacuum lifters will instantly attach to boxes and bags and can be supported from Workstation Cranes and Jibs.


Turntables and Rotating tables are a versatile, cheap and effective materials handling aid that are ideal in pallet loading applications.

Turntables are a simple path to safer manual handling and eliminate the need for stretching when loading or unloading product. Ideal for areas where more complex lifting equipment can’t be used turntables are inexpensive and durable.

Goods are simply placed on the turntable and then manually rotated to avoid stretching across the load.


The Paldisc is unique to STS and provides rotation of up to 2 tonne and an ultra low turntable height of only 24 mm – ideal for use with hand pallet trucks.


The Palring is an affordable, easy to use turntable – ideal for use in manual palletising / depalletising and loading / unloading stillages and bins.

Turntables on stands

Where a work station requires a handling aid but space is limited a turntable on a stand can be the answer. STS can supply turntables with a range of stands at different heights.

The Palring turntable rotates pallets with ease and when placed on a stand it allows workers to rotate goods to prevent stretching. The stand helps to limit bending and the combined result is faster work and less injury risk. It is ideal for situations where access may be difficult and the use of lift tables or Palift is limited.

The turntable on a stand provides both product rotation and elevation, which alleviates the manual effort and stress associated with handling these products.

Pallet Inverters

So your product is already on a pallet, but it needs to be transfered to another. Don’t manually load your pallets. The Safetech Pallet Inverter quickly and effortlessly transfers the goods from one pallet to another. Ideal in food, and beverage applications for removing damaged pallets or pharmacuetical where you need to move goods onto plastic pallets.

Find out more about our range of Pallet Handling equipment or contact us on 1800 674 566 to discuss your requirements.