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Palift Pallet Leveller


Palift Pallet Leveller

Palift, the original pallet levelling materials handling aide.

Palift is the original pallet leveller. Automatically keeps pallet or stillage loads at an optimum working height when loading or unloading goods, is the one of the best way to save workers backs. It dramatically reduces the effort required to palletise goods. The proven design (patented by Safetech in 1985) is incredibly robust and lasts more than 15 years of daily use with minimal maintenance.

Pallet Levellers resemble scissor lift tables in appearance. They have a top platform and a base connected by a pair of scissor legs. The levelling mechanism is a set of springs set to the weight and height (the density) of the product. Pallet Levellers work automatically and raise or lower as the weight changes. Load setting is a simple process and for most users springs never have to be changed. A shock absorber prevents any bounce and all Australian Palifts are supplied with a standard galvanised finish.


To aid in mobility, Safetech also offer a mobile base frame and handle. These allow users to quickly position the Palift close to the loading/unloading location.


  • Palift promotes safe pallet loading and unloading
  • Automatic levelling with no need to press any buttons
  • Integrated turntable top avoids reaching and bending whilst loading
  • 3 year product warranty and lifetime spring warranty delivers you confidence


  • Manual palletising and depalletising
  • Factory and warehouse, wash down and harsh environments
  • Suitable for use with stillages, cages and other containers
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