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Goods Hoist Improve Guardian Self Storage Bottom Line

March 30, 2017

Case Study

Industry:  Self Storage
Product:  Goods Hoist

The Self Storage industry is dynamic and fast growing and is an industry for both small and large players – but for all of them a quality customer experience is essential.

Guardian Self Storage are a rapidly growing self storage chain with multiple locations around Melbourne. They provide customers with secure, well maintained storage facilities and require the best equipment for their sites. Like all self storage sites Guardian must provide their customers with reliable, easy access to their storage bays at all times. In the past Guardian has experienced multiple breakdowns with competitor hoists and they demanded that STS supply a reliable and economic solution that also provided customers with a superior user experience.

When a Goods Hoist was needed for their expanding Essendon site they chose to install the new generation Safetech Goods Hoist. The new Goods Hoist allows them to increase their storage capacity with a new mezzanine level and to take advantage of the new features offered by the Safetech Goods Hoist. These include a low profile floor that eliminated the need for a concrete pit – saving installation cost and ongoing pit maintenance.

The user friendly controls provide Guardian customers with intuitive, simple lift controls. Service and maintenance of the hoist is easy with the improved access and the durable construction means that Guardian can look forward to years of trouble free operation.