Safetech Truck Hoist

Emporium Melbourne

Replacing typical, space hungry truck ramps with twin Safetech 25 tonne scissor tables was a bold move for the developers of the world class Emporium Shopping precinct in downtown Melbourne.

Setting out to design Australia’s largest truck lifts, we understood an innovative approach to shopping centre logistics would have an enormous impact on building design and the commercial realities of the development. The result was a solution which unlocked 2/3rds of a floor for rentable space and made the project viable.

Today as they receive trucks, vans and utility vehicles, our lifts descend 12 metres from ground to lower basement level carrying retail goods of all types. It’s fair to say everything carried out of Emporium was carried in on our Truck Lifts.

In an iconic and incredibly busy retail centre, deliveries are made safely and efficiently every day. A new solution. Innovative Vertical Transport by Safetech.

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Photo credit: atomic3D for Emporium renderings.