Dock Doors

Dock Doors

Insulated and knock out dock doors complete a robust dock installation

Safetech’s Sectional Dock Doors are ideal in cool room and dock loading installations.  Providing the highest level of insulation, and the most robust sectional doors in the market.

Amarr Commercial grade sectional door

Our 2700 model with polyurethane insulation provides the best R-Values when compared to other common types of sectional door insulation.  RSI = 3.4.

The 2700 Model is designed specifically for for the commercial and Industrial Sectional Overhead door market.  It’s construction is a foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation which creates a strong monolithic panel that is highly energy efficient.

TKO Knock out doors

Safetech TKO Knock out doors allow knockout (simple reset) door running gear.  The TKO range offers a range of door weights and durability’s and insulation capabilities.

Down time to your facility caused by damaged doors is expensive. The Knockout range of doors can handle forklift impact and are easily reset to get you going fast. Safetech will integrate your doors and dock equipment, and provide guidance through every aspect of your project.


  • Highest level insulation properties
  • Various door designs to suit ambient and insulated projects
  • High impact doors with fast reset
  • Doors to suit various dock layouts including vertically storing dock levellers
  • Integration with other dock equipment, including dock levellers and restraints


  • Cold stores
  • Ambient Warehouses and distribution centres
  • Food Manufacturers