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Safetech products. Safe in our care.

Your choice of equipment supplier is important, and you take the time to carefully evaluate and choose the best provider. Quality, value, performance and safety all help determine who you finally select.

Choice of service and maintenance supplier is no different and equally as important. A great product can be ruined by inadequate and inexperienced service providers. As equipment becomes more complicated there is an increasing need for service groups to possess mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and controls expertise as well as access to experienced engineering support.



Safetech Customer Care provides all of this and more.

When you use Safetech Customer Care you get a national network of trained service technicians backed by the engineering team that designed and manufactured your equipment. No other company comes close to offering such comprehensive support for Safetech products.

Our focus is our equipment. That’s all we service. So you don’t have to worry.


The Safetech Hoist has far exceeded our expectation and the co-ordination of the installation was first rate. Since commissioning the hoist, operation cannot be faulted and the support of Safetech’s service team provides us with great assurance.
Guy Wilson
General Manager, Fort Knox

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