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Your New South Australian Safetech Representative, Nathan Rose

Nathan Rose is one of Safetech’s sales veterans, handling the high paced and rapidly changing Western Australian market for the last 7 Years.

But with 20+ years of industry experience, Nathan will now be taking the reins from John Fortunato to cover our South Australian customers.

John has helped Safetech develop a strong SA presence, but will now be focusing on Victoria as that market continues to grow.

Upon receiving the news, Nathan told us he was excited to extend his reach across the country. He’s keen to develop some strong bonds with our SA customers and learn more about the state, the projects and the people there.

He was also proud to be the Safetech representative with the greatest geographical reach of anyone in the company.

Nathan will be a part-time resident, visiting the area regularly each month.

With an in-depth knowledge of all Safetech products, if you’re in South Australia and need assistance with your project, get in touch.

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