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Storage King Marsden Park

Freight Hoist Storage King

Premium Freight Hoist for a Premium Building

4 Freight Hoists have been installed, complimenting the premium finish of this world class facility.

Freight Hoist Storage King

Our proven and reliable Freight Hoist has been a staple of many self-storage facilities around the country. Storage King in Marsden Park are one of the latest to reap the benefits of Australia’s finest Goods Hoist.


Freight Hoist Storage King   Freight Hoist Storage King

Just like all Safetech products, both the customer and end user have been kept in mind in the design.

For our customers, durability, longevity and support are as strong focus of the hoist design, with only the best in engineering and componentry making into our offering, running reliably and predictably throughout its lifetime.

For end users, a simple and easy to use lift that not only feels smooth and safe to ride, but is as familiar to use as any personnel lift.

Freight Hoist Storage King   Freight Hoist Storage King

A working sample of our Freight Hoist offering is open to visitors at our Melbourne Showroom, including the new 2 times faster DuraFast high speed roller door.

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