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Victorian Showroom Now Open!!! – 21 Lionel Road Mt Waverley

New showroom of Safetech in VIC
Safetech: Showroom VIC

Our Mt Waverley showroom is now open to the public for visits and product tours.


On Tuesday the 28th August, Safetech hosted our Victorian showroom opening event. We welcomed past and present clients to celebrate with us. Which was a great chance to catch-up over some food and drinks and let our hair down for 1 night only.

The cake/ribbon was cut by one of our VIPs for the night, Ben Carroll, State Labor member for Niddrie and Minister for Industry and Employment.

A lot of work has gone into the event, as well as the showroom itself. Located at 1A 21 Lionel Road Mt Waverley, it boasts samples of our most popular products, as well as some new and innovative products.


Simulated stands give customers a chance to check out the quality, finish and operation of many of our offerings. Including a fully functioning 2 level Freight Hoist, with multiple door configurations, including the new DuraFast door. Also, Perspex walls to get a rare look at the lifting mechanism up close.


We have a range of Dock product solutions on display. Our Mini-Dock demonstrates all the critical components of the Tieman Dock Leveller by Safetech. Including our intrinsically safe maintenance prop.


A door section to our extremely popular Freight Mate showcasing its integrated interlocking door system.

A glimpse at the User Experience for our AutoMate Vehicle Lifts and control schemes.

Some Gorbel crane componentry, as well as the product that started it all for Safetech, the Palift Pallet Leveller.

Victoria Showroom Palift Leveller
The Palift Pallet Leveller

Project examples can be enjoyed on screen to see the various products in action.

Victoria Showroom Safetech
Front office look of Safetech Victoria

Everyone is welcome, drop in anytime or call ahead to be provided with an in-depth tour of your products of interest. A full range of brochures and flyers are also available to take home.

See you there!



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